Accessible summer plans for wheelchair users in the UK


In summer the days seem longer and full of opportunity, with endless places to be explored and family memories to be made. Whilst spontaneous days out are great, it often pays to plan ahead, especially if you’re looking for a destination which offers good accessibility for wheelchair users. Here are some ideas of accessible attractions within the UK, including a story centre in London, the chance to get close to wild animals in the Midlands, a traditional sea-side day out and the opportunity to chill out at a spa.

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Activities for people with disabilities: Don’t stay home!


In recent years, people with disabilities have been encouraged more than ever to lead an active life. That is not only because a more active lifestyle can improve and influence your mood and health, but also because you will feel more integrated in society. 

Get ready, the list of activities for people with disabilities that we have built up, is almost as big as your expectations.

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Accessible tourism: how to plan your next trip


Planning a holiday or a weekend getaway can be tedious and stressful, since these are special days where you want everything to work out and to make the most of your time. Precisely for that reason, doing some planning when getting ready for your trip can save you from unpleasant surprises.

Clearly not everything can be controlled, but these tips will make your trip run more smoothly and with less worry. More and more cities are opting for accessible tourism so you will certainly find a destination that you like, and that fits your needs.

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