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Sports Wheelchairs

Every athlete is unique and we understand the importance of having sports wheelchairs and racing chairs that are made to fit you and to support your needs. From entry-level wheelchair sports, to professional wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis, RGK's range of premium made-to-measure sports wheelchairs and configurable racing chairs are designed to maximise your performance! Be confident that it's been engineered to maximise your potential, so you are free to concentrate on your game, your goals and on your victory!

Which sport are you interested in?

RGK Elite

RGK Elite Sports Wheelchair

Lead the way with the Paralympian’s chair of choice!

RGK Grand Slam

RGK Grand Slam Sports Wheelchair

High End Sports Tennis Wheelchair

RGK Allstar G2

RGK Allstar G2 Sports Wheelchair

The ultimate club sports wheelchair

Elite CX

Elite CX Sports Wheelchair

Truly merge your mind, body and wheelchair with this superior CX seating option.

  • Carbon Fibre Axle and Seat
  • Tri-Frame Chassis Design
GrandSlam CX

GrandSlam CX Sports Wheelchair

Truly merge your mind, body and wheelchair with this superior CX seating option

  • Carbon Fibre Axle and Seat
  • Tri-Frame Chassis Design
RGK Elite X

RGK Elite X Sports Wheelchair

The next generation basketball wheelchair

RGK Allstar A2

RGK Allstar A2 Sports Wheelchair

Adjustable Multi-Sport Wheelchair

  • Made to Measure
  • Aluminium 7020
RGK Grand Slam X

RGK Grand Slam X Sports Wheelchair

The next generation tennis wheelchair

RGK Club Sport

RGK Club Sport Sports Wheelchair

Entry level sports wheelchair that’s configurable and economical

RGK Shark RS

RGK Shark RS Hand Bike

The choice of champions.

RGK Shark RT

RGK Shark RT Hand Bike

For leisure and semi-professional athletes.


QUICKIE All Court Sports Wheelchair

Push your game to its limits.

QUICKIE All Court Ti

QUICKIE All Court Ti Sports Wheelchair

The light basketball wheelchair with Titanium frame.

QUICKIE Match Point

QUICKIE Match Point Sports Wheelchair

Your competition just met its match.

QUICKIE Match Point Ti

QUICKIE Match Point Ti Sports Wheelchair

The light tennis wheelchair with Titanium frame.


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A proud British manufacturer, RGK's story began in 1988 after a life-changing road accident left co-founders Russel Simms and Greg Edem as paraplegics. Finding a common interest in wheelchair basketball, their time on the court made them realize how limiting a wheelchair can be in both comfort and performance. That's how RGK was born. From a desire to create a wheelchair that's hand-crafted to fit exactly to you. A wheelchair that’s made-to-measure for not just the court, but daily life too. They didn’t know how much of an impact their vision would have on their lives, the lives of others, and the sporting successes for many athletes all over the world. A global leader in made-to-measure wheelchairs, RGK prides itself on respecting your individuality and creating you the perfect wheelchair. It is our passion and is why we do what we do.


Our values are simple and have never altered. Respecting your individuality is our passion, which is why create configurable and made to measure sports wheelchairs. Creating the perfect sports wheelchair is why we exist, we are completely at your service. As experts in our field, we share our knowledge with you to give you the best service and experience with us and with your new sports wheelchair. By pushing the boundaries in design for the last 30 years, we have established ourselves as market leaders; simply put, no one else can do what we do. Perfection is key and we aim to offer the highest quality products possible. We guarantee to support your journey, during and after the process of getting your own RGK sports wheelchair.