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Positioning Supports

JAY Positioning Supports address mild to involved positioning of the head, upper body, pelvis and lower body, with sizes available for both children and adults.

Pair with your JAY wheelchair cushion, wheelchair back, or adapted seating system to maximize the effectiveness of your seating solution.

JAY - The wheelchair support you need!

JAY Pelvic Positioning Belts

JAY Pelvic Positioning Belts Wheelchair Accessory

Superior pelvic support for improved overall positioning and function

JAY Foot Boxes

JAY Foot Boxes Wheelchair Accessory

Foot, ankle and calf support for skin protection and comfort.

Swing-away Lateral support

Swing-away Lateral support Positioning System

Improving trunk control and lateral stability to help maintain proper posture.

JAY Anterior Trunk Supports

JAY Anterior Trunk Supports Wheelchair Accessory

Torso support for improved head and upper extremity control and respiratory function

JAY Hand & Arm Supports

JAY Hand & Arm Supports Wheelchair Accessory

Upper extremity support for improved overall upper body posture

JAY Wheelchair Shoe Holders

JAY Wheelchair Shoe Holders Wheelchair Accessory

Foot, heel, and ankle support for an improved seating footprint and overall posture

JAY Knee Adductors

JAY Knee Adductors Wheelchair Accessory

Comfortable and effective support

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational therapists are the reference people to assist you and advise you to have a good positioning with the right equipment.

They are numerous. We will note: the postural support and a good alignment of the back structure, the improvement of the pressure distribution, the stability, the comfort and the functionality.

They are many and varied. We will retain the main ones: immobility, pressure, friction on the skin, heat, perspiration, humidity, low nutrition, dehydration, atrophied muscles, aging of the skin ...

Positioning is a clinical process aimed at placing a person with postural disorders in a posture required by means of assistive devices (including a backrest and a cushion). The goal: a better quality of life for people with reduced mobility

A sore is a skin lesion that can reach different stages of gravity. The skin is the first barrier of protection of the body  and prevention is very important

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These wheelchair positional devices are designed to improve upper body posture, help hold the head upright, improve function in the arms and hands, and assist with breathing.

The JAY Arm Troughs provide comfortable and supportive positioning with easy-to-clean Reverse Dartex Covers.  

JAY pelvic positioning belts are designed to help keep the pelvis stable and aligned. When the pelvis is properly positioned, it improves your overall body posture and function. Options include various support styles, sizes, closure styles, and adjustments.