Tilt-in-space wheelchairs designed for ultimate comfort and adjustability.

Sometimes comfort can really make a difference to people’s lives. This is fully reflected in our BREEZY family of tilt-in-space wheelchairs. Offering highest adaptability and functionality, our robust multifunctional wheelchairs can be easily tailored to individual needs - for unrivalled seating comfort and enhanced independence in everyday life.

Tilt-in-space wheelchairs by Breezy

Tilt wheelchairs are a great option for more dependent wheelchair users with high seating comfort and/or changing needs. Designed with both users and caregivers in mind, they offer full adjustability and excellent positioning options, allowing for quick and easy customization to individual requirements - today and tomorrow. Due to the tilt function the seating position can easily be adapted to activity and change in pressure distribution.
Multifunctional wheelchairs designed for intensive, long-term use
BREEZY multifunctional wheelchairs have been a popular choice for home and nursing home use for many years. They’re robust, highly adjustable and offer countless positioning options for comfortable use - and easy re-use. Naturally, a stable, smooth and safe ride is guaranteed.
Various types of tilt-in-space wheelchairs
There’s a tilt wheelchair for a variety of positioning needs and use situations. Explore our complete range, from the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchair on the market to the number one comfort wheelchair for nursing home use in the Netherlands, and choose the model that suits your needs.
Excellent base for special wheelchair seating systems
Do you have special seating needs? Our tilt wheelchairs make a great base for your special seating system. Combine with the BREEZY Ibis tilt wheelchair carrier for ultimate comfort, and enhanced quality of life.

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