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Wheelchair Cushions

Designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, JAY’s comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are highly comfortable, lightweight, low maintenance and can accommodate a wide range of mobility seating requirements. Our wheelchair cushions can also be combined with optional positioning pieces (such as lateral thigh supports) to provide personalizable positioning. With so many options available, you're sure to find a JAY wheelchair cushion that suits your individual needs.

JAY Balance Cryo Fluid

JAY Balance Cryo Fluid Wheelchair Cushion

Introducing a revolutionary technology designed to keep you cooler.

JAY Xtreme Active

JAY Xtreme Active Wheelchair Cushion

Skin protection for active wheelchair users.

JAY Lite

JAY Lite Wheelchair Cushion

JAY's lightest ever wheelchair cushion.

JAY Balance

JAY Balance Wheelchair Cushion

The perfect balance between skin protection and stability.


JAY J2 Wheelchair Cushion

Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection.


JAY J2 DC Wheelchair Cushion

Stability and positioning with extreme skin risk


JAY GS Wheelchair Cushion

Adjustable wheelchair seating for paediatric clients

JAY Easy

JAY Easy Wheelchair Cushion

Skin integrity with stability

JAY Easy Visco

JAY Easy Visco Wheelchair Cushion

High level comfort and positioning with mild pressure redistribution

JAY Soft Combi P

JAY Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion

Comfort and basic Positioning

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes like all gels. That's why we recommend not to forget a gel cushion in a car in a very cold weather. If you forget it, then leave it at room temperature so the gel regains its fluidity.

Occupational therapists are the reference people to assist you and advise you to have a good positioning with the right equipment.

They are numerous. We will note: the postural support and a good alignment of the back structure, the improvement of the pressure distribution, the stability, the comfort and the functionality.

They are many and varied. We will retain the main ones: immobility, pressure, friction on the skin, heat, perspiration, humidity, low nutrition, dehydration, atrophied muscles, aging of the skin ...

Positioning is a clinical process aimed at placing a person with postural disorders in a posture required by means of assistive devices (including a backrest and a cushion). The goal: a better quality of life for people with reduced mobility

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