Ibis Tilt In Space Wheelchair

When comfort can make a difference.

Looking for a tilt-in-space wheelchair that’s robust, highly versatile and offers ultimate seating comfort? Our multifunctional Ibis comfort wheelchair with Sedeo Pro seating system offers excellent adaptability and allows for easy customization to suit individual requirements, also in case of changing needs or re-use. While offering maximum comfort and excellent driving characteristics, users are encouraged to make maximum use of their own capabilities, thus enhancing independence. Small wheels or large wheels? Choose the configuration that suits your needs, or use the Ibis as carrier for a special seating system.

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BREEZY Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair

Crash Test Approved
This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

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BREEZY Ibis PowerSupport comfort wheelchair
BREEZY Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair (lifestyle1)
BREEZY Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair (large wheels tilt-in-space)



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