BREEZY IbisTilt In Space Wheelchair

Multifunctional comfort wheelchair with Sedeo Pro seating system.

Looking for a tilt-in-space wheelchair that’s robust, highly versatile and offers ultimate seating comfort? Our multifunctional Ibis comfort wheelchair with Sedeo Pro seating system offers excellent adaptability and allows for easy customization to suit individual requirements, also in case of changing needs or re-use. While offering maximum comfort and excellent driving characteristics, users are encouraged to make maximum use of their own capabilities, thus enhancing independence. Small wheels or large wheels? Choose the configuration that suits your needs, or use the Ibis as carrier for a special seating system.

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Crash Tested BREEZY Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair
Ergonomic seating comfort

Ergonomic seating comfort

The award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system offers a new level of seating comfort, combining a highly functional and adjustable seat frame with a wide choice of interchangeable support and positioning options. To ensure optimal variation in seating posture, the Ibis comfort wheelchair comes with 30° tilt adjustment - easy to operate by the carer or the user. Unique manually elevating central legrest with length compensating capabilities available as option. You can also combine the Ibis with a Nuage PLS seating solution, specially designed for people who have a passive sitting posture.
Total flexibility, easy to work with

Total flexibility, easy to work with

Truly modular in design, the highly adjustable Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair offers the flexibility you need to create a perfect fit for every client, also in case of changing needs or re-use, with ease and cost-effectively. Quick and easy to adjust with only one tool and easy to clean with waterproof, breathable and washable cushion covers – with zippers -, and high finishing of components. Ideal for home and hospital use.
Excellent driving and foot-propelling

Excellent driving and foot-propelling

The adjustable wheel position coupled with unparalleled seat width adjustment ensures a smooth ride and maximum manoeuvrability at all times. Low seat height – from 39 cm – and plenty of leg space allow for easy foot-propelling. For an easy transfer, simply swing away or remove the armrest and/or legrests.
PowerSupport attendant control

PowerSupport attendant control

Combine the Ibis tilt wheelchair with the state-of-the-art PowerSupport attendant control, offering extra support when needed. Due to the direct drive motors in the 12'' wheels 'pushing' is easy, even if the carer is older or less able. Enjoy more freedom to move – together.

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Width:66 / 70 / 74 cm (20" / 22"/ 24" wheels); 62.5 cm (12" / 16" wheels)
Length:104 cm
Folded Width:-
Seat Width:40 - 54 cm
Seat Depth:44 - 60 cm
Seat Height:32 - 47 cm (excl. cushion)
Seat Angle:0 - 6 °
Seat Tilt:30°
Backrest Height:50 - 64 cm
Back Recline:89 - 128 °
Maximum User Weight:160 kg
Total Weight:42 kg (20" / 22"/ 24" wheels); 40 kg (12" / 16" wheels)
Crash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.