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Top tips for taking an accessible holiday



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Holiday season is upon us and as we begin to plan our trips away, there are a few top tips to remember before taking an accessible holiday.  Everybody should have the freedom to travel whether you have a disability or not. There are lots of companies available that can help plan an accessible trip, it's also just as easy to plan your own with our top tips.  Although there may be a few challenges when planning, it shouldn't mean that your dream holiday is impossible.

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Find the right destination

It's important to conduct your research on your chosen destination, to read reviews on how accessible the country or city is.  Some points to consider are for example; how hilly the country is, are there lots of stairs, cobbled streets, small alleyways? It's also a great idea to research the activities. If there are particular attractions that you would like to visit, consider how you will get there?  Whether there's disability access whilst you're there?  Are adaptive vehicles available if required?

Make sure you have the right insurance

Like any holiday checking that your insurance is in date and that it covers everything you need should be a priority. Make sure that you are covered for any accidents that may incur to both yourself and your disability equipment.  Making sure that you have the correct insurance will give you the peace of mind you need to be able to enjoy your holiday.

Book the right hotel

Creating a checklist of all of the things you need to consider when staying in a hotel will make it easier to find the right accessible hotel.  Perhaps you need to consider a ground floor room, a hotel that's in the center so it's easy to navigate around the city, consider airport transfers that are disabled friendly. Having written confirmation of your requests will make it easier when checking into the hotel.


Organise your flight details and plan ahead for the airport.

You're terminal might be far away, so make sure you allow enough time to get there. In most overseas and UK airports, there are good levels of accessibility with assistance to and from the plane and terminal, disability parking, reserved seating and accessible toilets.  It will usually be specified when booking your requirements, but make sure that you inform your airline of your specifications.  It's also a good idea to note down the measurements of your wheelchair (for storage in the hold) and what type of battery you have if it is a power wheelchair (for safety reasons).

If you take medication, seek confirmation from your departure and arrival airport.

All essential medicines will be checked by security.   It's important to confirm the dosage of the medicine and how they should be presented for security.  Also, check whether you require a letter from your GP.

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Make a 'just in case' plan.

Not everything is guaranteed to go to plan! You can do all of the planning in the world but sometimes things don't always go the way you want them to. Making another plan will ensure that you are prepared, whether that be changing your accommodation or adapting your activities.

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