Optimal rear wheel position


Are you efficient when propelling your wheelchair? Is propelling your wheelchair painful for you? This may have to do with the position of your rear wheel.

Manual self-propulsion is the kind of mobility used by people with lower extremity disabilities in order to keep having independence and autonomy to complete daily activities.

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Benefits of standing wheelchairs


Naturally, wheelchair users will spend a large proportion of their time in a seated position, unfortunately this can have a negative impact on their health with side effects including pressure ulcers. Standing powerchairs can offer a solution for wheelchair users who are looking to realise the health and lifestyle benefits of a more upright posture, or who want the ability to change position.

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The Benefits of a Seat Elevation System


Seat elevation is a key accessibility element for power wheelchairs, but it is often forsaken in the design process. Although it is widely viewed as a luxury add-on, vertical elevation has a huge potential to increase users’ independence and quality of life.

However, this type of design innovation also presents an abundance of customization options, so it is vital that potential buyers select a seat elevation system which meets their specific needs.

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Tools of an Active Life: Hand Bikes


Adapted bikes are a great way to expose people with disabilities to new forms of recreation, exercise, and travel. There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to adapted hand bikes, making it easy for you to choose a model that is suited to your age, fitness and level of disability. Moreover, the four main classes of hand bike – leisure, recreational, competitive sporting, and foot-operated – offer even more options to customise functions and adaptions.

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Basic tips for maintaining good posture in the wheelchair


Maintaining good posture in the wheelchair helps us to carry out tasks and perform activities more effectively. Correct posture differs according to each person and their circumstances, but it is always key to maintaining health and to getting the best out of the wheelchair.

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