BREEZY StyleFolding Wheelchair

Lightness and style. The standard aluminum wheelchair with the best reliability and style

BREEZY Style is a versatile chair, and it can respond to any user needs. Its numerous customisation options are from being able to choose between 6 seat width options, 3 types of backrest (Standard, Half-folding or Reclinable), big or small rear wheel and different frame colours

Designed with an aluminium tube with 25mm, our BREEZY Style is the chair in which you can trust. 

Whether you're looking for versatility, style, strength, or all at the same time, the BREEZY Style folding aluminum wheelchair is for you.

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BREEZY STYLE Aluminum Wheelchair
BREEZY Style features

BREEZY Style features

The BREEZY Style is the folding aluminum wheelchair you can trust.

Its reduced weight (from 13.9 kg) makes it the ideal alternative for users and companions looking for a standard wheelchair as light as possible. BREEZY Style is the lightest in the BREEZY manual wheelchairs.

It is not only light, but also offers great strength thanks to the aluminum shaft plate, its 25 mm diameter aluminum tube and the tubular design of the crosshead without screws or anchors. With 5 years warranty on the structure and crosshead!

The BREEZY Style manual wheelchair comes with a very complete standard configuration, but also with many configuration possibilities: anatomical seats and backrests, liftable footrests, short, with single platform... and a wide range of accessories such as pole support, Transit wheels, drum brakes, table ... etc. to adapt the chair to the current and future needs of the user.

The most complete choice

The most complete choice

The BREEZY Style adapts to the needs of different types of users, with the possibility of selecting between 6 options of seat widths, 3 types of backrest (Standard, Half-folding or Reclining), large rear wheel size (24 "and 22") or small (12 ").

Because of each person is different, do not miss the range of colors available for this chair: Navy blue, apple green, brilliant red and selenium grey, designed to suit the tastes of every user. You may prefer the navy blue or selenium gray, or prefer the classic brilliant red ... and why not try the original apple green? The decision is yours!

The aluminum chair in which you can trust

The aluminum chair in which you can trust

Made with tough 25mm diameter aluminum tube and only with the highest quality components, BREEZY Style is the chair in which you can trust.

Details such as the robust fixings of the armrest to the frame, the efficient design of the brake with ergonomic handle or the high resistance of the anchorage of the platforms make it a robust model, responding to the demands of everyday life.

The aluminum plate and the cross brace, without screw and anchors, equip the chair with a great resistance and rigidity to be able to enjoy it as the first day, for a long time. We are so sure that we offer 5 year warranty on frame and cross brace!

With extensive standard equipment

With extensive standard equipment

The BREEZY Style aluminum wheelchair incorporates extensive standard equipment: breathable backrest upholstery, padded side protector interior, removable and folding 70° footrest, ergonomic handle brake, rear wheel with spokes and aluminum rings.... Why have we settled for less before?

And the widest range of options and accessories

And the widest range of options and accessories

The BREEZY Style adapts to the needs of different types of users thanks to its long list of options such as crutches holders, transit wheels, drum brakes, tray ... etc.

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Width:Seat width + 18 cm (24“ wheels) / Seat width + 14,5 cm (12“ wheels)
Length:103 cm (24" wheels) / 98 cm (12" wheels)
Height:88 cm (132,5 cm w/reclining with headrest)
Folded Width:26 cm
Seat Width:38 /40,5 /43 /45,5/48 /52 cm
Seat Depth:41,5 cm
Seat Height:51,5 cm (49 o 46,5 cm w/6" front wheel)
Seat Angle:
Seat Tilt:No
Backrest Height:45 cm (50 cm w/reclining backrest)
Back Recline:From 0 to 60º w/reclining backrest
Maximum User Weight:125 kg
Total Weight:From 13.9 kg (Std configuration, size 40)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.