BREEZY Style X UltraStandard Wheelchair

Stylish, rigid and lightweight

The perfect adjustable and fully configurable wheelchair

The BREEZY Style X Ultra is the perfect wheelchair for your lifestyle. It features a robust and rigid frame while keeping it lightweight, so you can move around comfortably for your daily activities. Transfers are easy due to the ergonomic release latch allowing an easy lock and unlock of the footrest. Padded seating with velcro straps and an effective brake ensure further comfortability.

Many adjustments are available to adapt this lightweight wheelchair to the user measurements and needs. It's also fully configurable with a wide range of options and accessories.

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Crash Tested BREEZY Style X Ultra Rigid Wheelchair
Rigid & lightweight

Rigid & lightweight

The BREEZY Style X Ultra wheelchair incorporates many elements specifically thought to increase rigidity: Back tube and seat frame receivers, active seat rail fixation, strong two arm cross brace and the innovative castor house. All these parts are made of aluminium to provide strength and durability while keeping the wheelchair lightweight.

Comfortability: Easy transfers and padded seating

Comfortability: Easy transfers and padded seating

The BREEZY Style X Ultra rigid wheelchair was designed to facilitate transfers. The ergonomic release latch allows an easy lock and unlock of the footrest while the detachable hangers can be swung in- or outwards easily. The armrests with a soft armpad are detachable and can be adjusted in height.

The padded seat incorporates velcro straps to secure the fixation of a wheelchair cushion and avoid it sliding. At the same time a fully padded back sling with tension adjustment offers a comfortable feeling and allows the back to accommodate to the user back shape.

Additionally the knee lever brake is very ease to use thanks to its big ergonomic handle - minimum effort, maximum effectivity.

Many adjustability options

Many adjustability options

The BREEZY Style X Ultra wheelchair can be adapted to the user measurement and needs.

The armrests are height adjustable and the center of gravity can be moved to two more active positions (-5 cm, -2,5 cm) and to two more passive positions (+2,5 cm, +5 cm) for additional stability. See a visualisation on the right.

The back height can be adjusted to from 37.5 to 40 and 42.5 cm or from 40 to 42.5 and 45 cm, and also includes height adjustment on the lumbar bend for maximun lumbar support and comfort.

The seat depth can be easily adjusted without tools, through the sliding cross brace from 41 to 43,5 cm, and with tools to 46 cm. Three height positions (from 38.5 to 51 cm) are possible as well. Moving the castor position on the fork, the seat angle can be changed.

Configure the wheelchair to your individual needs

Configure the wheelchair to your individual needs

A wide range of different wheelchair backs, armrests, footrests, wheels, castors and accessories is available to meet all clinical and daily requirements.

Shown on the right the BREEZY Style X Ultra with half folding backrest, 12'' wheels and 6'' soft solid castors, 80° hangers and tool height adjustable removable armrest.

Reclining backrest

Reclining backrest

The BREEZY Style X Ultra comes with a reclining backrest which ensures high comfortability.

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Width:525 - 700 mm (525 mm: 12'' Rear Wheel)
Length:885 - 1060 mm
Height:780 - 990 mm
Seat Width:380/405/430/455/480/520 mm
Seat Depth:410/435/460 mm
Seat Height:385/410/435/460/485/510 mm (Front)
Seat Angle:0° - 6°
Backrest Height:375 - 450 mm, 480 mm for recliner
Back Recline:10 ° (Recliner option from 0 - 30º)
Maximum User Weight:150 kg
Total Weight:13.8 kg (12'' Wheel)
Crash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.