Empulse R20

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This is currently not possible mainly due to the tube shapes. Iris tubes are oval and SR45 tubes are rectangular.

The use of anti tips depends on the COG adjustment of the wheelchair, the attendant and the application (E.g. Environment, such as hilly areas). The location of the R20 does not make the wheelchair more tippy.

The operating unit clamp system covers back tube / push handle diameters from 19-25 mm.

The R20 is compatible with all wheelchair models that have a box frame and tube diameter between 22 and 28 mm. For the latest information vist the R20 webpage.

This can be evaluated with help of the docking arm length matrix available on our web page. This is available in the parts manual (section documents) or on the web page.

The maximum extension is indicated by the red mark, this should not be exceeded.

The R20 is a pushing device without any braking function. A drumbrake is only recommended, but not mandatory, as it always depends on the capabilities of the user and the area of application. (E.g. Environment, sloping terrain.)

No. Self-driving with the R20 by the wheelchair user is extremely dangerous and is not allowed. 

No. Docking systems must always be attached to non moving frame parts and the docking pins must always be in parallel to the ground.

As the motor has a protection class of IP 54  and the puddle depth is less than the tyre height, there should be no risk - but please always bear in mind the puddle depth.

No. Please do not attempt to shorten or cut the docking arms. Complete docking arms or only tubes are available as a spare part. A matrix of the required docking arm length is available in the parts manual (section documents) or on the web page. 

Yes, the R20 can be transported in an airplane, because the battery power is 209 Wh while the max allowed battery power for medical devices is 300 Wh.  You can find the IATA certificate on the Sunrise Medical website.

No. The charger can only be used INDOORS and has a protection class of IP 21.

Yes, the dealer can adapt the docking arm length economically, via spare parts (tube set) or ordering complete docking arms.

Yes it is possible, please use docking B and choose the option EMR000146 Neon² on the orderform. 

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