EMPULSE F55 - 14"Pull Device

Explore like never before

Explore like never before

The Empulse F55 wheelchair pull device lets you explore worlds that used to be out of reach. The 14'' wheel version increases the comfort of your ride, especially in rougher terrains. Larger, more stable and offroad-oriented. Intended for outdoor use only.

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The ideal solution if you are looking for an environmental-friendly solution that is easy to handle and helps you explore worlds that used to be out of reach.

The powerful brushless electric motor and the optimised traction will help you tackle almost every terrain.

You're just a few steps away from your next adventure. The Empulse F55 easily fits on almost all common manual wheelchairs. Just dock within seconds and the F55 becomes a powerful companion in your daily life. For further details please refer to our compatibility guide.

Smartly designed to provide you that extra bit of independence and carelessness, the Empulse F55 allows you to save your strength and extend your personal range.

Thanks to the flip-up sub frame, the Empulse F55’s pack size can be minimized within seconds: flip the frame, insert the steering-tube and you’ll get a handy package that can be stowed away easily. If necessary, the sub frame can even be fully detached.

Enjoy the ride
Fully adjustable

Mobility has never been so easy

Fully adjustable

Angle and height of the Empulse F55 can be adjusted without increments. Optimized positioning will shift weight on the front wheel and will thus increase traction and manoeuvrability.

The Empulse F55 is compatible with most fixed-front wheelchairs and offers many benefits in your daily life. Check out more highlights by clicking the button.

Meet Timo


Meet Timo

Very early on I only wanted one thing: to learn how to ride a horse. At the age of twelve I got my first horse and that was the beginning of a promising career as a show jumper. But a serious traffic accident in 1995 changed everything. Since that day I have been in a wheelchair, running is impossible. But my passion for riding and horses remained.

Today I work as a trainer, author and give lectures all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There is no such thing as giving up for me. I get where I want to be and my new wheelchair pull device is a relief in everyday life. It's small, handy, manoeuvrable, a lot of fun and also a real alternative to the car.

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Width:260 - 480 mm (Wheelchair front frame width)
Castor Wheel:14''
Colours:4: Black, red, blue, orange
Max. Range:25 km
Speed:6 kph; optional 10 kph or 15 kph
Batteries:Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.1 Ah
Max Kerb Climb:up to 11% (6°)
Total Weight:From 13 kg (with battery)
Maximum User Weight:110 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.