QUICKIE Argon²Rigid Wheelchair

The fully adjustable rigid wheelchair.

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The fully adjustable rigid wheelchair.

The new Argon² is the ideal combination of a rigid performing and multi-adjustable active wheelchair. These functional characteristics are built in the modern looking open frame design. The wide range of adjustment possibilities allows you to fine tune your performance. It's the ideal adaptive wheelchair for users who are developing their driving capabilities over time and require more active wheelchair settings. This ensures the best driving performance now and in the future.

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Crash Tested QUICKIE Argon 2 Active Wheelchair
The wheelchair that's adaptable to you.

The wheelchair that's adaptable to you.

The Argon2 offers full adjustability without compromising on any performance. The rear seat height is adjustable in 1 cm steps, so the seat angle can be constantly adapted to changing needs. With the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, you can quickly change your driving settings to a more active or a more stable performance. The backrest angle, height and upholstery tension are also adjustable, so you'll always find a seating position that best suits you.
Argon 2, the innovative wheelchair.

Argon 2, the innovative wheelchair.

The Argon2 castor forks are made of Carbotecture material – a special lightweight and extremely strong carbon fibre material out of the aeronoutic industry. Extremely impact resistant and break proof, the weight efficiency is twice as light as aluminium. The outstanding design of the castor link tube (thanks to tube hydroforming) helps to achieve complex tube geometries - for a stronger, modern design.
A wheelchair you can trust

A wheelchair you can trust

Personalise your Argon2 with two different knee angles and frame insets to meet your requirements of a compact wheelchair. The open frame design combined with the low weight of the chair ensures easy transfer of the chair across the body into a vehicle. The new Argon2 is a strong, efficient and rigid wheelchair with a maximum user weight of 140 kg. It's approved for handbike usage and is crash tested according to ISO 7176-19 for transportation in a vehicle.
Wide range of options

Wide range of options

Configure your Argon 2 wheelchair to your individual needs with a range of product options, including carbon sideguards, carbon platform footplate, flip-up anti-tips, one arm wheel lock, tool height adjustable armrest or a padded tubular armrests. Also, the innovative carbotecture fork is available as a style package in three different colours (silver, orange and black).

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Seat Width:300mm – 500mm (30cm - 50cm)
Seat Depth:300mm – 500mm (30cm - 50cm)
Front seat height:450mm – 520mm (45cm - 52cm)
Rear seat height:340mm – 520mm (34cm - 52cm)
Backrest Height:250mm – 450mm (25cm - 45cm)
Backrest Angle:-31° to + 15°
Frame Inset:0 cm or 3 cm
Camber:0°/ 3°/ 6°/ 9°
Colours:32 Colours
Frame Type:92° or 100°
Maximum User Weight:125 kg / 140 kg (option)
Total Weight:From 9 kg
Crash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.