Empulse F55Pull Device

Extra power for your wheelchair

Extra power for your wheelchair

The Empulse F55 wheelchair pull device lets you explore worlds that used to be out of reach. The 8.5'' wheel version is the ideal choice if you're more at home in the urban jungle of city life. Small, versatile and very manoeuvrable. Intended for in- and outdoor usage.

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Enjoy the ride

The ideal solution if you are looking for an environmental-friendly solution that is easy to handle and helps you explore worlds that used to be out of reach.

  • You're just a few steps away from maximum driving pleasure. The Empulse F55 easily fits on almost all common manual wheelchairs. Just dock within seconds and the F55 becomes a powerful companion in your daily life. For further details please refer to our compatibility guide.

  • Life is dynamic and vibrant, so keep up with it. Enjoy mobility and flexibility in your daily stroll through the city. Narrow streets or small areas on the market? No big deal thanks to a super small turning circle. Meet friends or enjoy a comfprtable shopping stroll.

  • Smartly designed to provide you that extra bit of independence and carelessness, the Empulse F55 allows you to save your strength and extend your personal range.

  • Whether it's a walk through the park or a ride with the train - the Empulse F55 wheelchair pull device gets you there smoothly. Easily adjust the handlebar for an optimised positioning, so your shoulder joints are relieved and you can drive longer with less effort.

Enjoy the ride

Mobility has never been so easy

The Empulse F55 is compatible with most fixed-front wheelchairs and offers many benefits in your daily life.

  • The SA version of the Empulse F55 has a longer sub-frame to perfectly adapt to swing-away frames. The swan-necked steering tube improves the user's seating-position.

  • Choose between the 8.5'' version (shown here) or the 14'' version. The fully adjustable position of the Empulse F55 lets you adjust weight-balance and optimize traction. Two independent brake systems ensure increased safety. Smaller pack-size, easy to transport, very manoeuvrable and it turns „on a dime“.

  • The Empulse F55 comes with a 8.1 Ah capacity Li-Ion battery for up to 25km of range. It features an intelligent battery management system for improved charging cycles and lifetime.

  • The Empulse F55 is ultra compact and easy to dock so that you can upgrade your wheelchair with that extra power whenever it is needed. Thanks to the flip up sub frame, the F55’s pack size can be minimised within seconds.

  • Full control with the easy-to-read display. It shows all the information you need: Speed mode, trip distance, total distance, battery condition and power consumption. You can also adjust the position of your handlebar on-the-fly.

Mobility has never been so easy
Meet Mareen


Meet Mareen

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 13 years ago. My legs no longer "obey" as I would like them to.

With the new Empulse F55, there is a pull device now that is fully motorised, so I can safely leave the car in the garage! Just dock and drive off. I like that very much, because my mobility radius has increased even further now.

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Width:260 – 480 mm (Wheelchair front frame width)
Castor Wheel:8.5''
Drive Wheel:8.5''
Colours:4: Black, red, blue, orange
Max. Range:25 km
Speed:6 kph; optional 10 kph or 15 kph or 20 kph
Batteries:Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.1 Ah
Max Kerb Climb:up to 11% (6°)
Total Weight:From 13 kg (with battery)
Maximum User Weight:110 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.