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Storage and returns

Find out how to return a product or part to us, along with our disinfection requirements. Additionally we offer separate storage guidelines on products without any electronics, E-mobility products with Lithium Ion batteries or power wheelchairs and scooters with gel batteries.

Storage and returns guidelines

Please refer to the detailed information in the following documents:

Before returning an item to us, please ensure you have read the information below.

When returning an item, please follow the returns process underneath and ensure you label whether the item has been disinfected or not.  Failure to do so may mean that your return takes longer to process or is rejected. Should you have any queries on any of the below, please contact each CS department on each manufacturing site.

Please note that this returns process is for our approved customers (either mobility dealerships). If you are an end user and you would like to return an item, please contact the dealership or wheelchair service that provided you with the item.

Please review the disinfection process carefully for all returns related to end products (chairs/ scooters/ Jay seating).

Disinfection Requirements

The new Medical Device Regulations that come into force on May 25th 2020 and with new Requirements for ISO13485 (revision 2016) becoming obligatory on February 28th 2019, means that there is an enhanced focus on disinfection standards.

Due to current ISO standards we are obliged to ensure that all chairs/ scooters/ cushions have been decontaminated before being handled by our staff. Some products may be classed as ‘high risk’. Please see examples of high risk products below:

  • Products that have been in close contact to a break in the client’s skin or mucous membranes.
  • Products contaminated with particularly virulent or readily transmissible organisms.
  • Products used by an immunocompromised client.

If a product requires disinfection at Sunrise Medical, then this may increase the lead time for the repair.

If a product is high risk, then the Returns team will arrange for a red bag to be sent to you. Please place the red bag on the product in question before collection is arranged. Please refer to for advice on the disinfection of medical devices. Thank you for your co-operation.

Hygiene measures before products can be returned to Sunrise Medical:

  • All surfaces which come into contact with the user must be treated with a disinfection spray. To do this, you must use a suitable disinfectant for rapid alcohol-based disinfection of medical products and medical devices. There should be a minimum exposure time of 15 minutes before the product can be considered disinfected. 
  • Always take into account the manufacturer’s instructions for the disinfectant before use. 
  • The joystick control on power wheelchairs can be wiped with a damp cloth with a dilute disinfectant until clean.
  • Ensure all surfaces are rinsed with clean water and dried thoroughly after disinfecting.
  • Do not use solvents, bleaches, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax polishes or aerosols.
  • Refer to the user manual for the cleaning of speciality controls.
  • Disinfected products should be placed in or covered with a non-permeable plastic bag or its original packaging and labelled as disinfected to maintain disinfection and cleanliness whilst being transported or stored.
  • Where available, please attach a copy of your Disinfection Certificate to the product.


Returns process

Please contact Customer Service department on each manufacturing site, they will inform you about the proccess to follow up regarding returns.