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Leckey FreestanderStander

Freedom is at your feet with this positioning standing system

Available in 3 different sizes, the LECKEY Freestander is an upright standing system for children and teens designed to offer a variety of adjustable supports to provide comfortable postural positioning at the chest, hips, knees and feet.

Easy to set up and adjust, making this therapy stander an ideal solution for multiple users and ideally suited to the classroom, therapy room or home.

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LECKEY Freestander Standing System
Freedom of Positioning

Freedom of Positioning

The LECKEY Freestander is the perfect therapy stander designed for kids and adolescences with moderate to complex postural needs. Featuring unique positioning pelvic belt which enables de-rotation of the hips; alignment of the pelvis and centre of gravity over the base of support and accommodation or correction of flexion at the hips and knees.

A wide array of adjustable leg, hip, trunk and optional head supports allows the accommodation or correction of flexion at the hips and knees, further promoting a comfortable positioning standing system.

Day to day activities made possible

Day to day activities made possible

A LECKEY Freestander is the perfect upright stander for use in day to day activities. With easy to maintain wipe down fabric the LECKEY Freestander makes clean up quick and easy.

Options and accessories like the sturdy and lightweight tray table, grab pegs and grab rails give the LECKEY Freestander greater utility in the classroom and home, increasing independence at mealtime and assisting in the development of motor skills with activities being within arms reach.

Designed for ease

Designed for ease

The strong, height adjustable frame of the LECKEY Freestander is ideally suited to provide postural support in the classroom, therapy room or home environments.

Designed for ease and accessibility in mind, this pediatric stander has a low profile footplate allowing for easy transfer from the stander to wheelchairs or other seating arrangements.

Tootstander for infants

Tootstander for infants

The LECKEY Freestander also comes in a smaller size called the LECKEY Totstander.

The Totstander is a simple and easy to use upright stander that can be used as an evaluation tool for therapists to assess a child’s standing ability.

This pediatric stander helps promotes active standing, movement and weight shifting depending on the child’s level of ability.

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Maximum User Weight:size 1: 60 kg / size 2: 80 kg / size 3: 90 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.