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Chin Boom Mounting System

Powered & manual swing away chin control mechanism

The newly developed Chin Boom mounting system by Switch-It allows both variants, the mechanical or the powered swing away arm, to be adapted to a single universal interface attached at the backrest. The specially designed swing away mechanism incorporates a friction clutch that provides emergency swing away possibility and force reduction to the gear box.

Switch-It Chin Boom Mounting System
Manual & Powered Chin Boom

Manual & Powered Chin Boom

The Chin Boom is a long L-shaped rod with a clamp to mount joysticks like the VersaGuide or MicroGuide. The chin boom mounts to a bracket on the backrest. This setup provides the user with chin or mouth control without wearing a harness, and provides for easy transferring of the user. It's available in a manual (shown on the left) and powered version.


Powered Chin Boom features

Powered Chin Boom features

The powered swing away version connects directly to the R-Net bus for power supply and has a 3.5 mm jack socket incorporated to connect individual switches for the swing away operation. It will find its reset position automatically to reposition always at the same point. No matter how often the swing away arm is moved mechanically out or in.