The Mini-Proportional Joystick with pure force operation

The MicroPilot is a proportional drive power wheelchair control. The device gives the user the ability to operate their power wheelchair with 360° of control as well as the full range of the wheelchair's drive parameters (speed, acceleration, etc.). Force-based technology enables users with minimal strength and without range of motion to drive their power wheelchair. Sensitivity adjustments allow control to be fine-tuned to each individual. Metal construction offers a significant durability advantage.

The MicroPilot works in a plug-and-play fashion and is compatible with most manufacturers' electronics. The MicroPilot makes use of force-based technology: the harder you push, the faster the chair will move. The sensitivity is adjustable by turning a potentiometer with a small screwdriver. Turn to the right for less sensitivity. Settings are between 10 and 50 grams.

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Switch-It MicroPilot Joystick
SpaceDisk Handtray

SpaceDisk Handtray

The SpaceDisk provides excellent positioning of the MicroPilot or MicroGuide. It allows for armrest or midline mounting as well as providing hand support for the user. The SpaceDisk is also a good choice for those users who need to grip the edge of a platform, and provides protection for the joysticks by encasing the body of the drive control while still allowing full access to driving.

The SpaceDisk pivots on a ball joint and allows the joystick to the placed in several positions ranging from 300° to 60° for optimum placement. Fiber optic switches for mode can be mounted into the SpaceDisk, ideal for those with very limited hand movement.

Chin/Mouth Control Mount

Chin/Mouth Control Mount

The Chin Harness is a mounting platform for wheelchair controllers. The Chin Harness goes around a user's neck and gives them the ability to use their chin, lips, or tongue to control their powered wheelchair. The mounting position is not dependent on the user's position in relation to the wheelchair as it is mounted to the user, but rather moves with the user. The system comes with a comfortable foam neck pad which makes the harness comfortable.

The Chin Harness is available in two sizes: standard at 6" wide, and large at 8" wide. The Chin Harness is simple to remove for ease of transfers.

Mechanical swing-away chin control mount

Mechanical swing-away chin control mount

Link-It mechanical swing-away chin control mount positions joysticks like the MicroGuide, MicroPilot, VersaGuide or Allround joystick. It mounts to the back of the headrest. This setup provides the user with chin or mouth control without wearing a harness, and allows easy transferring of the user.

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