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Switched Head Arrays

Switched head control

Switch-It's traditional switched head arrays use zero-touch proximity sensors which are specifically designed for power wheelchair application and are less susceptible to interference from high electromagnetic fields generated by power wheelchairs.

The HDR-4M2 is a 3-switch head array with two 3.2 mm monojack ports for a dedicated external mode switch to provide the 4th and 5th functions as desired. HDR-5 is a 5-switch head array with a dedicated sensor for reverse (choose -RL for reverse on left wing or -RR for reverse on right wing) and a dedicated sensor for mode in the opposite wing. A dipswitch panel on the back of the head array gives the ability to turn the sensor on or off.

Switch-It Switched Head Arrays Head Controls
Lateral Pads

Lateral Pads

The switched head arrays may be configured with the following lateral pad combinations:

  • S-S: Short, straight wings
  • S-C: Short, curved wings
  • L-S: Long, straight wings
  • L-C: Long, curved wings

The 5-switch head array is only available with long, straight wings due to sensor placement and activation area tolerances.

Mode Switches

Mode Switches

Several mode switch types and mounting options are offered for use with the switched head arrays. The Egg Switch, MicroLite, and Piko may be mounted on a rigid swing-away rod (305 mm long). A fibre optic switch mounted in a flexible gooseneck is another option.