TouchDrive 2

Touchscreen proportional controller

The TouchDrive 2 uses proven cell phone touchscreen technology for ultra-sensitive and precise proportional driving capabilities for wheelchair control. Simply make contact with the glass surface of the device for activation; no force is required. Maintaining contact with the screen will allow for full driving capabilities including turning, veering, and spinning around.

The TouchDrive 2 allows for mode access through either a built-in mode switch on the screen (Switch-It logo) or a 3.2 mm monojack port for external mechanical mode switches. The TouchDrive 2 can be configured for neutral to be the center of the active area (absolute) or movable (relative).

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Switch-It TouchDrive 2 Drive Controls
Built-In Mode Function

Built-In Mode Function

Touching the Switch-It logo on the capacitive touchscreen allows access to modes. This option can be enabled or disabled by pressing the green recessed button on the underside of the device.

External Mode Switch Jack

External Mode Switch Jack

The user may opt to disable the built-in mode option (Switch-It logo) and instead use an external switch. The TouchDrive2 provides a ⅛" monojack port on the side for an external mechanical mode switch. This feature allows for a cleaner setup with fewer wires plugging into an Omni or Enhanced Display.

Absolute and Relative Modes

Absolute and Relative Modes

The user may select absolute or relative mode for the neutral position. When in absolute mode, the middle of the TouchDrive2 active area is always center/neutral. When in relative mode, wherever the user touches again becomes the new center/neutral. This option can be enabled or disabled by pressing the green recessed button on the underside of the device.

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