Fresno, California / Malsch, Germany

Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce the launch of the JAY® FIT 2U™ Back, for individuals who require a more complex seating solution, when an off-the-shelf back cannot accommodate an individual’s orthopedic asymmetries.  Unlike molded back supports, JAY FIT 2U allows for adjustments to be made upon delivery and over time.  Interlocking JAY® Dovetail Inserts and built-in adjustment within the backshell make it easy to create a personalized contour to suit your client's specific needs, with the flexibility to make adjustments as their needs change - such as degenerative diseases of the spine. Combined with the JAY GS Cushion, it makes an excellent solution for growing and changing needs – ideally for pediatric clients. 

The interlocking inserts can stack from 2 to 5 layers thick or 25 to 65 mm. Thanks to its dovetail joint, commonly used in furniture, the interlocking pins and tails make it difficult to pull apart.  They are simple, quick to change, and more supportive than a typical soft foam. To handle changing postures and growing clients, five centimeters of independent height and width adjustments can be made. Height and width growth kits are available separately that include additional dovetail inserts to make adjustments in the field, whenever they are needed, wherever they are needed.

JAY Rotational Swing-Away Lateral Thoracic Support add a third plane of adjustment, allowing the lateral to be angled to match the trunk shape and position for the most complex scoliosis. The lateral pads rotate to meet contour angles and precise alignment. Combine the JAY FIT 2U with a Whitmyer® headrest, JAY cushion, and trunk support to provide optimal positioning for clients.

“As a leader in clinical seating, JAY continues to find innovative solutions for clinicians to create optimal seating and positioning for our clients,” said Ariane Albert, Product Manager Pediatrics, Seating & Positioning at Sunrise Medical.  “JAY FIT 2U, with the versatile dovetail inserts, allows adjustments to be easily made to ensure clients are properly positioned upon delivery of the chair and over time.”

To find out more, please visit www.sunrisemedical.eu

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