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The standing wheelchair to elevate your experience!

Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the JIVE-M with a multi-functional seat, you‘re now able to enjoy both seated and standing positions from the comfort of your JIVE!

JIVE UP Standing Wheelchair

Attitude Hand Bikes

Experience freedom like never before with the new Attitude Wheelchair add-on hand bike series.

Attitude Hand Bikes


Have you heard about the new S-Series mobility scooters? Get a quick glimpse before anyone else!

Coming Soon, April 2015

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Matching a Teenager's Active Life

The SOPUR LIFE RT and LIFE T are two cool, stylish wheelchairs that are specifically designed for a teenager’s body size and needs.

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Salsa M2

The next evolution in powered wheelchair performance and style.

The NEW QUICKIE Salsa M2 effortlessly balances superb indoor maneuverability with outstanding outdoor performance and head-turning style.

Salsa M2 Powered Wheelchair