Thomas Böhme


Thomas Böhme
"Sports helped me to become more open and more self-confident."


Sport plays a big role in my life. I have the opportunity to do something I love every day and be a role model for others.

I'm also a team player. I love training with the squad and getting better every day. We have shared goals and we do everything to achieve them.

You win together, but you also lose together.



I was born with spina bifida. I grew up and went to school in Bayreuth and started playing wheelchair basketball at RSV Bayreuth when I was 11.

Luckily my disability didn't present a problem at primary school, high school or in any other situations. Though as a child I was always a bit shy and insecure. But the sport helped me to become more open and more self-confident.


"After playing basketball for the first time, I was hooked. I was really impressed by how dynamic it is and how the players really get stuck in."
My sports wheelchair
"The low weight of my RGK Elite X makes it easy to move. It's the best basketball wheelchair I've ever had."
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My everyday wheelchair
"I like how light my RGK Octane Sub 4 is, which makes it easy to load into a car etc. And it's easy to use in everyday life. And it looks great!"

Road to Glory

Bundesliga - Wheelchair Basketball Championship

1st place