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Wheelchair Power Assists

Going further or driving on challenging surfaces with ease? QUICKIE wheelchair power assists are designed to make self-propelling easier, in every situation. You can even choose continuous push rim drive – for an effortless ride. QUICKIE power add-ons are intuitive and safe to use and, of course, they’re easy to transport. Choose the power assistance you need and enjoy more freedom and independence – with your own manual wheelchair!


WheelDrive Wheelchair Power Assist

Enjoy power assistance and continuous drive - with you own manual wheelchair.

Life does not end when you sit in a wheelchair. It becomes a new one. And it's the perfect opportunity to overcome your limits every day.

Patricia Santana, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, our products are only available to buy via our network of authorised dealerships. Please contact them to find your nearest dealer.

Yes. Please contact us with the product that you are interested in and we'll pop one in the post to you.

Our products are only available via our network of dealerships. However, we have many distribution outlets throughout the world. Please contact them to find the best one for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate products to individuals.

Our products are only available to buy via our network of dealerships. However, many of them offer financing options. Please contact us to find your nearest dealership.

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Power assist is a fantastic option if you experience fatigue when self-propelling, but want to maintain the control, functionality and look of your manual wheelchair. Power assisted wheelchairs extend the distance travelled and the efficiency of propulsion without the additional physical exertion. You can also choose continuous push rim drive – like a joystick on the wheel, no effort required!