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Wheelchair Hand Bikes

Whether you want to exercise with the manual add-on, enjoy the benefits of rehab and intermittent exercise with the power assist or cruise anywhere with the full power add-on, the Attitude is the add-on wheelchair hand bike series that opens up so many possibilities to live life to the limits. When you ride with an Attitude hand bike you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before.

QUICKIE Attitude

QUICKIE Attitude Hand Bike

The hand bike for improving strength, stamina and cardio through cycling.

QUICKIE Attitude Hybrid

QUICKIE Attitude Hybrid Hand Bike

The wheelchair hand bike that combines manual cycling with powered propulsion.

QUICKIE Attitude Power

QUICKIE Attitude Power Hand Bike

The wheelchair hand bike with 100% powered propulsion.

QUICKIE Attitude Junior

QUICKIE Attitude Junior Hand Bike

Experience freedom like never before with the new pediatric Attitude add-on wheelchair bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total width of your wheelchair can be found in the user manual (or in the ordering documentation of your wheelchair). What is important to know when it comes to manual wheelchairs is if you have a camber, the overall width increases rapidly. For example, a wheelchair with 6 degrees camber and 24 "wheels, becomes 80 mm wider than a chair with 0 degrees camber.
Please consult your user manual for more information on setting changes for your wheelchair.
Yes, our Built-4-Me team can help you achieve requirements that go above and beyond what you would find on the typical product order form. They'll make every effort to provide you with the most suitable solution to your request. 
We'd recommend that your wheelchair is serviced by an authorised Sunrise Medical dealership every year. For your safety, some elements of your wheelchair should be checked regularly. Please refer to your user manual for more information.
Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs tend to be made of areospace-grade aluminum or carbon fibre, so they're stronger whilst not compromising the weight of the wheelchair. More durable, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are tailor-made to your needs and are highly personalizable with a wealth of features and style options. QUICKIE's range of ultra-lightweight wheelchairs also employ a range of unique patented features to further strengthen the frame whilst minimising weight (such as ShapeLoc Technology on the Xenon series or X-Braid Technology on the Krypton). 
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