QUICKIE Life RTRigid Wheelchair

The rigid wheelchair for a teenager on the move.

The rigid wheelchair for a teenager on the move.

Live life to the full with the QUICKIE Life RT! Meeting your friends or going to school? Whatever your plans are for the day, the rigid-frame QUICKIE Life RT is strong, robust and offers the reliability you need for everyday life! Designed for an adolescent's body size and needs, the QUICKIE Life RT is available with a fixed-front frame (with a choice of straight, abduction or inset front ends) or a swing-away hanger version.

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QUICKIE Life-RT Active Wheelchair
Abduction Frame

Abduction Frame

This frame version offers 2,5 cm abduction on each side. The updaction already starts below the seat upholstery.
Safari Brake

Safari Brake

The safari-brake in the skirtguard panel is carefully integrated for quick and easy braking without you leaning forward.
Seat Height Adjustable in 7 Positions

Seat Height Adjustable in 7 Positions

The LIFE RT has a camber that's adjustable from 0º to 6° and comes with 4 centre of gravity positions (from the very active 8,3 cm to the more stable 2,3 cm).
Carbon Platform Footplate

Carbon Platform Footplate

A lightweight and stylish footplate with angle and depth adjustment.

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Width:seat width + 20 cm
Seat Width:280mm – 480mm (28cm - 48cm)
Seat Depth:320mm – 460mm (32cm - 46cm)
Front seat height:360mm – 500mm (36cm - 50cm)
Rear seat height:360mm – 450mm( 36cm - 45cm)
Backrest Height:250mm – 450mm (25cm - 45cm)
Backrest Angle:-12° - +8°
Frame Angle:85° / 75°
Frame Inset:2 cm optional
Camber:0° / 1° / 2° / 3° / 4° / 5° / 6°
Colours:32 colors
Maximum User Weight:125 kg
Total Weight:from 10 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.