Yeray Betancor

"I was looking for a wheelchair for someone with an active life. I wanted it to be lightweight, modern, folding and easy to lift up to the car with just one hand - and the QUICKIE Xenon² ticks all those boxes."

Before the accident I was a normal guy, who liked practicing sports, being with friends, good conversations, and everything related to a healthy lifestyle. After the accident I am still the same. I just do things differently now.

My life changed in a second since that day I decided to take a dip in the pool. The only thing I remember is diving into the water, getting a bump on my head and waking up in the hospital, with a spinal cord injury at C6.

And what happened later? As much as it sounds that after a setback it’s impossible to keep going, I can assure that it is. And it can be done in an incredible way. Nowadays I work as a TV presenter in a programme in which I seat with relevant people in our society and chat about life.

I’ve always been a QUICKIE guy: active and dynamic, and I think that the QUICKIE Xenon² is the best fit for me.


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QUICKIE Xenon² Folding Wheelchair

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