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Giuseppe Vella

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"Table Tennis remains my main passion. A large part of my life has always revolved around this sport."

Giuseppe Vella

Giuseppe Vella was born on the 20th November 1969 in Palma di Montechiaro in the Province of Agrigento. Born with arthrogryposis, Giuseppe spent much of his childhood at boarding school, coming home at the age of 10 to continue his studies through high school. But it was during his time at university in Palermo where Giuseppe first discovered Table Tennis. "I started playing when I was university, initially as a hobby. I became so passionate about table tennis from that point onwards, I was completely enthralled. Table Tennis is a physically demanding sport - I'd especially recommend it to athletes in wheelchairs. It really improves your relationship with your wheelchair - it makes you feel as one".

Graduating from University in 1992 with a degree in Contemporary Literature, Giuseppe started to compete in (and also arrange) Table Tennis events shortly afterwards - a tradition which continued until 2009. Organising several National and International events, the high point for Giuseppe was the European Table Tennis Championship in Genoa in 2009. Moving to Sabbiadoro that same year, Giuseppe started a collaboration with the Federazione Italiana Tennistavolo (Italian Table Tennis Federation), where he later went to work for (primarily for events organised by the Federation in Lignano Sabbiadoro). "Table Tennis is just so dynamic - it makes you work both mentally and physically. My main challenge is the physicality of the training. It has to be intense and consistent. The mentality to keep me at the highest level of concentration has always been the biggest hurdle. Going up against my opponent and being challenged - that's what I love the most though".

With numerous European (2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015), World (2006, 2014) and Paralympic Championships (2008, 2012) to his name, Giuseppe is currently training with the GSD Rangers TT Udine, a Table Tennis club he has been associated with since 2010. "Table Tennis remains my main passion. A large part of my life has always revolved around this sport. It's taken up such a large portion of my times since I started playing. It's allowed me to meet many people, including my current life partner, and experience new places. It's always remained really exciting to me. I've always loved teaching, but my chances of actually being a school teacher are probably in the past now. But I'd like to become a table tennis coach - and help at least one athlete to reach the main stage".

Giuseppe Vella, Table Tennis

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