Jonas van de Steene


Jonas van de Steene
"“Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” Paul Brandt"


When I was home after my stay in the revalidation center, I met Ivan, a friend (also a handbiker) who is in the same situation as myself and lives close to my hometown. After meeting him and seeing how he was living, I was positively shocked and directly started handbiking.

Sport is and will always be an important part of my life because I believe it helps me processing things mentally, building me up physically and making the physical limits that I have acquired to be the absolute minimum. I strongly believe that everybody, no matter their physical condition should practice sports to improve their quality of life.



In 2012 I had a thrombosis on the side vein of the aorta, which led to minor oxygen to the legs, so from this moment I have been living in a wheelchair.

Difficulties or boundaries are something you chose yourself to include in your life or to minimize them as much as possible. Everybody in life have situations they are forced to accept, but you are the only person who can choose how and if you will accept them. There are solutions to overcome every situation, so I do not consider myself as someone who has difficulties or obstacles. You just have to realise and accept the situation (whatever it is in life) and find a way to make a solution or the best out of it.

"Only you decide how to face the difficult situations in your life. They beat you or you beat them."
My sports wheelchair
"My QUICKIE Shark helps me achieve the maximum performance. It is extraordinaly lightweight and ergonomic."
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Road to Glory

Belgian Championships - Overpelt

Gold - Road Race

UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup - Ostend, Belgium

Bronze - Team Relay

4th place - Time Trial

7th place - Road Race

Belgian Championship - Deurne

Gold - Road Race