Jamie Stead


Jamie Stead
"The biggest fight you will ever have in life is with yourself and the only limitation is the mind."


Jamie is a British wheelchair rugby player who made his international debut at the Canada Cup in 2014. He’s gone on to represent his country at European and World levels. He’s a 2015 European gold medallist and made his Paralympic debut in 2016. He has since gone on to win another European gold medal in 2019.

"With my disability, becoming a professional athlete was going to be tough so I started to look into other sports I could participate in. That’s when I found wheelchair rugby and my dream came true."
My sports wheelchair
"I like the lightweight of the RGK Predator and how responsive it is, since using it, my straight line speed and agility have improved massively."
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My everyday wheelchair
"The RGK Tiga is lightweight but robust, making day-to-day life easier."

Road to Glory

World Championship - Australia

4th place