Amalia Pérez


Amalia Pérez
"There is always strength inside of you, you didn’t even know."


I used to practice athletics. One day, the bus that took us to the practice got damaged and the coaches decided to give us “something” to do instead of the regular practice that day. My coach asked me to sit on the bench and practice some lifting. When he saw that I could lift the bar with no problem, he started adding and adding plates. That day he told me: you are really a natural weightlifter and started inviting me to lifting competitions.

In my first international competition in 1993 I broke my first World record. I remember the feeling of being at the podium, seeing the flag of my country being lifted up, hearing my national anthem. A feeling that I’ll never forget. At that moment I thought: This is my place and I am going to do my best to get better every day to put the name of my country as high as I can.



I was born at six months of gestation with the diagnosis of arthrogryposis. The first 5 years of my life I pretty much lived in the hospital surgery after surgery. At 6 years of age I started swimming as a rehab program and found out that many people with disabilities practiced adapted sports.

When I was 13 I started trying many different disciplines like basketball, table tennis, swimming until the age of 18 when I tried powerlifting for the first time. I was invited to the first national competition one month later and during that first time competing I broke a national record. Sometime later I traveled to the US for my first international competitions and won gold medal. I knew at that moment power lifting was my sport and I never looked back!

"Sport has given me the opportunity to discover the abilities and potential within myself."
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