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Leckey Squiggles+ StanderStander

Prone, upright and supine standing in one product.

Standing is very important. An upright posture allows gravity to assist the function of our internal systems. By standing, children bear their weight through their bones and joints, which helps shape them while increasing their strength.

Evidence would suggest that standing has a beneficial effect on hip joint formation. Standing stretches tight muscles and provides an alternative position. Socially, standing is also important as it enables interaction with their peers at the same level.

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Squiggles Stander + by Leckey for children
Hip abduction of up to 60°

Hip abduction of up to 60°

Hip Abduction now achievable, 60 degrees bilaterally. With a measurement gauge to monitor and aid repeatability. Hip laterals also shift in sync with the legs as they move through the arc of abduction. Hip abduction of up to 60° in prone, upright and supine standing.

Range of Colours

Range of Colours

All coatings are colored and include:

2 support belts (pelvis and trunk)
1 pelvis pad
1 trunk pad
1 pair of side trunk support pads
1 pair of knee supports
1 pelvic support strap
1 padded protective cap for the headrest receiver

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