Designed to meet clients needs with built-in growth and adjustability

Postural support aims to address clinical goals by providing optimum comfort, function and control through a comprehensive selection of belts, harnesses and head supports.

More About Postural Supports

At Sunrise Medical, we know postural support is an active and dynamic process which promotes movement and function. Posture and movement are linked and depend on one another for development.   

Our JCM products are designed to respond and facilitate these ever changing snapshots of posture and, ultimately,  to provide true 24 hour postural care.
“Good” posture combines a balance of comfort , movement vs stability and function.
The JCM postural support range balances these needs while also considering the practicality of the positioning equipment in everyday situations. 

Our equipment is designed to meet clients needs in a simple streamlined fashion with growth and adjustability built-in.  We understand and appreciate that children grow, change and develop.  The JCM line of postural support devices can meet these changing needs.  Take a look at the JCM Pluton for a good example on versatility.

How do we do this? Where does good posture start?
Pelvic and hip stability
Good posture begins with the pelvis - the most important feature of any postural support system is its ability to align or accommodate a range of pelvic positions. The JCM specialist seating systems offer adjustable sacral positioning that can optimize or accommodate specific positions of the sacrum.
such as posterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation or contractures
Trunk and head alignment, upper limb
A good level of stability at the trunk and head facilitates upper extremity function, concentration and social interaction.  Daily activities are more easily performed. With JCM positioning seating systems you can be confident in appropriate trunk and upper extremity alignment.
Lower limb
JCM specialist seating systems support lower limbs while accommodating common issues such as tightness in the hamstrings, scissoring or wind sweeping as well as leg length discrepancies. Accommodating these postures allows for full support while the trunk and head face forward increasing social interaction and inclusion.

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