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Redefine your standard in seating with microclimate control

Microclimate the flick of a switch!

Inspired from leading automotive industry technology, we have developed the first wheelchair backrest with integrated thermal and evaporative cooling technology. We seamlessly combined it with the proven comfort and reliability of the JAY J3 Wheelchair Backrest.

The JAY J3 TC Back’s patented internal thermal technology provides exceptional comfort and is designed to help with regulating body temperature. Evaporative cooling helps to dissipate moisture, while the heating system warms throughout the back.

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Crash Tested JAY J3 TC Wheelchair Backrest
Clinical benefit

Clinical benefit

The patented internal thermal technology in the JAY J3 TC wheelchair back may help those who have difficulty regulating their own body temperature, like Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) as well as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. Especially those patients suffer from temperature dysregulation and therefore cannot fully adjust their body temperature under different environmental conditions.

For years several clinical studies worldwide have been concerned with temperature control issues and the fact that cooling systems have proven to be beneficial in their various forms. Davis et al. mentioned that "increased ambient or core body temperature" worsens clinical signs of MS patients while Song et al. highlighted that SCI patients "cannot appropriately respond to the changing temperatures of their surrounding environments". The JAY J3 TC was specifically designed to help reduce some of these most common symptoms.

Exceptional Comfort

Exceptional Comfort

Skin temperature is important to your well-being and could help avoid skin breakdown, yet is often difficult to manage. By seamlessly combining the proven comfort and reliability of the JAY J3 TC Back with thermal and evaporative cooling technology, you are able to be more comfortable. In either cold or warm weather, you are ready to tackle any day.

  • Cooling system with micro fans: The cooling system consists of a ventilation insert where small fans are incorporated.
  • Patented thermal technology: The heating system uses heating coils to generate heat.
JAY Cover Technology

JAY Cover Technology

The JAY J3 TC Wheelchair Back cover optimises airflow through the use of specialized fabrics and specially designed vents. The porous 3DX Spacer Fabric promotes airflow through the cushion to the TC insert. This microclimatic cover is made of a quick drying fabric that helps to reduce heat and moisture build-up.

The proven JAY J3 positioning concept

The proven JAY J3 positioning concept

The reliable JAY J3 Back system bases on an anthropometrically correct design for an optimal client fit. It supports an upright posture and provides a stable and ergonomic seating position.

Available in three different contoured back shells:

  • Shallow contour (5 cm - moderate lateral support)
  • Mid contour (8 cm - medium lateral support)
  • Mid deep contour (15 cm - full lateral support)
Easy to Use and Enjoy

Easy to Use and Enjoy

Too hot? Simply flip the switch on the JAY J3 TC wheelchair back to illuminate the blue light for ventilation and cool down again.

Too cold? Flip the switch to illuminate the red light for heat and warm up. The heating system warms throughout the back, allowing you to fully enjoy those cold winter days.



Temparature Control (TC) Technology is engineered with your safety in mind to work in all environments. Inspired by the automotive industry, Sunrise Medical has combined technology with rigorous wheelchair industry testing standards. The results are the JAY J3 TC wheelchair back, a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Additionally, the heating system is equipped with an automatic shut-off to prevent the temperature from rising above 40 °C.

Width:41 / 46 / 51 cm
Height:34 / 38 / 42 / 46 / 50 / 53 cm
Maximum User Weight:136 kg / 225 kg depending on hardware
Product Options
Cover Type:3DX Spacer Fabric, black
Contour:Shallow Contour, Mid Contour, Mid Deep Contour

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes like all gels. That's why we recommend not to forget a gel cushion in a car in a very cold weather. If you forget it, then leave it at room temperature so the gel regains its fluidity.

Occupational therapists are the reference people to assist you and advise you to have a good positioning with the right equipment.

They are numerous. We will note: the postural support and a good alignment of the back structure, the improvement of the pressure distribution, the stability, the comfort and the functionality.

They are many and varied. We will retain the main ones: immobility, pressure, friction on the skin, heat, perspiration, humidity, low nutrition, dehydration, atrophied muscles, aging of the skin ...

Positioning is a clinical process aimed at placing a person with postural disorders in a posture required by means of assistive devices (including a backrest and a cushion). The goal: a better quality of life for people with reduced mobility

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