JAY EasyWheelchair Back

EASY to prescribe, EASY to order, EASY to use.

EASY to prescribe, EASY to order, EASY to use.

The JAY EASY Back is designed to offer simple, comfortable and effective support. EASY to prescribe: Just select from two shapes and three heights to find the right level of support. You can also customise the EASY Back further with lumbar supports. EASY to order: Designed to fit all common wheelchair tubes, the width, depth and height can be easily adjustable with just one tool. EASY to use: The shell design, combined with the microclimatic cover and high quality foam provides effective and comfortable support with increased seating tolerance.

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JAY Easy Wheelchair Backrest
Versatile one-step release hardware

Versatile one-step release hardware

Easy to operate and adjust, the EASY Back can be released with just one hand. By pulling the cord, the system unlocks on both sides allowing you to angle the backrest and pull it upwards to be removed out of the fixation. Designed to fit all commonly used back tubes, the hardware is adjustable in height, width, depth and back angle (all with just one tool).
Innovative cover technology

Innovative cover technology

Available with a microclimatic cover and soft foam (for maximum comfort and user protection), the 3DX™ spacer fabric vents both heat and moisture and increases air flow. The cover is machine washable at 60° C and is quick to dry. The shape of the back can also be adapted by using lumbar supports.
Choose your level of support

Choose your level of support

Supporting an upright posture and providing a stable and ergonomic seating position, the Easy Back offers two different types of contours (shallow and posterior deep) for increased trunk stability. Need moderate to full posterior support? The EASY Back is also available in three different heights (mid, upper and shoulder height).

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Width:36 / 41 / 46 / 51 cm
Height:38 / 46 / 53 cm
Maximum User Weight:136 kg
Product Options
Cover Type:Air Exchange / Microclimatic
Contour:Shallow (5 cm) / Posterior Deep (15 cm)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.