Nuage PLS series

The most comfortable seating solution for passive wheelchair users.

Looking for maximum seating support and comfort? We’ve developed our Nuage PLS series specially for people who have a passive sitting posture. Each configuration of this dynamic wheelchair seating system follows the user’s own body contours, ‘embracing’ the user and ensuring that he or she’s provided with excellent postural support and comfort. For the ultimate comprehensive solution, combine the Nuage PLS series with our Ibis comfort wheelchair, the number one choice for nursing home use in the Netherlands!

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BREEZY Nuage PLS series wheelchair seating

Images & Video

BREEZY Nuage PLS wheelchair seating sytem
BREEZY Nuage PLS Active wheelchair seating sytem (central calf support)
BREEZY Nuage PLS Active XS wheelchair seating sytem


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