Burntwood/United Kingdom, 24th March 2022

Today RGK, part of the Sunrise Medical group, is very proud to announce the start of a new era with the launch of brand new Veypr Sub4, which made a 10-year dream a reality. With the significant innovation of RGK’s pioneering manufacture process inspired by F1 technology - the result is nothing less than the world’s first truly made to measure carbon fibre wheelchair!

All RGK wheelchairs in the Sub4 range have a guaranteed transport weight of less than 4kg in common and the Veypr Sub4 is no exception. With a frame weight of ~2.4kg and a transport weight of ~3.3kg the Veypr Sub4* is even ~10% lighter than an Octane Sub4, harnesses all the benefits and features of the Sub4 range with the added benefits of complete carbon fibre frame for an unrivalled performance and unprecedented rider experience.

  • 100% carbon fibre frame made by highly innovative patented proprietary manufacturing process under 4kg transport weight

The Veypr Sub4 comes with a 100% carbon fibre frame. One of the key benefits of carbon fibre is its strength in comparison to weight, so while this wheelchair is ultra-lightweight it is also extremely strong to provide a smooth yet rigid ride. The frame consists of 4x layers of handcrafted carbon fibre: three structural layers of carbon fibre, each offset by 45 degrees provides the optimum strength in all directions, the final layer is then hand laid with precision to achieve a beautiful herringbone weave pattern finish.

  • Delivering true “haute couture” made to measure benefits

Thanks to over 30 individual measurements precise to even millimetres and all the tailor-made parts, RGK is renowned for offering the 'real' and the highest standard of ‘haute couture’ made–to-measure wheelchairs. Veypr Sub4 is the latest affirmation, allowing all individual specifications unlike any other, taking optimising posture, comfort, and performance as well as personalisation to a whole new level.

  • Redesigned carbon fibre castor and seat rail: transfers and pushing long distances becomes effortless!

The redesigned carbon fibre castor fork is 40% weight saving compared to its aluminium equivalent! Also, the seat rail has been redesigned to increase the surface area for more frame rigidity and the knee bend area has been remodelled for optimised strength and comfort.

  • Personalise your Veypr Sub4 Frame

To complete the package, the frame of the Veypr Sub4 can be delivered in any vinyl colour with a satin or gloss finish, even more personalization is possible thanks to personal text and logo that can be added.

“It’s been a long and challenging road to finally launch this product, and a dream we have pursued for over 10 years! We have been pushing the boundaries in design for the last 30 years and the Veypr Sub4 is one of our proudest moments yet.  I am delighted to be able to offer our customers something unique with unrivalled performance to support their Unstoppable Ambitions”, says Michael Sheen, General Manager at RGK.

To find out more, please visit www.sunrisemedical.eu

For additional information, please contact international@sunrisemedical.de


About Sunrise Medical: Committed to improving people’s lives, Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the innovation, manufacture and distribution of advanced assistive mobility devices and solutions. Distributed in more than 130 countries under its own 17 proprietary brands, the key products include manual and power wheelchairs, e-mobility products, motorized scooters, seating & positioning systems, and daily living aids. Operating in 18 countries, Sunrise Medical group is headquartered in Malsch, Germany and employs over 2,300 associates worldwide.