How to order

4 Steps to a customised solution.

Find your nearest Sunrise Dealership

Interested in a wheelchair customisation? Your first step is to visit your local Sunrise Medical dealership. They'll help in the prescribing and ordering of your product.

Not sure of who your nearest dealership is? Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you find one.

Understanding your requirements

Your Sunrise Dealer will complete the regular product order form with you and document your custom-build needs. They will then forward your request to our Built-4-Me team.

Reviewing & producing your request

Once we've received your order form and custom-build needs, we will analyse your request, evaluate any potential risks and propose a solution. If you're happy with our proposal, we will then proceed to manufacture your product.


When your customisation is complete, it'll be delivered to your dealership, who will go through your order with you and ensure that you're happy with your customisation.

Helpful ordering tips

  • Remember to wear your 'all-day' clothes and shoes on the day of your assessment. You will be measured by your dealer, so it's important to gather the correct measurements (thick jackets or your highest-heel shoes could potentially change measurements).
  • Try to explain in as much detail as possible the type of customisation that you're interested in. A drawing or picture of what you have in mind is always helpful.

  • Your Built-4-Me wheelchair will be unique - built specially for you. The more complex your request, the greater the delivery time will be (compared to ordering a regular product).

  • An assessment with your dealership can take a while to complete (to properly document your requirements and find the best possible solution). Please plan enough time with you dealer.

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