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Looking for a powered wheelchair that offers you great independence indoors and out, and lets you be yourself? Our highly functional YOU-Q electric wheelchairs are designed for YOU! Truly modular in design, you can choose the drive base, seating system and controls that suit your needs. And, of course, your favourite colour. Wherever you want to go, a YOU-Q power wheelchair will take you there in total safety and style!

You-Q Luca XL

You-Q Luca XL Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair

Mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair designed for extra weight and heavy-duty use.

You-Q Luca Junior

You-Q Luca Junior Power Wheelchair

The powered wheelchair of choice for children and young adults, in front-wheel, rear-wheel and mid-wheel drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's advisable to recharge the batteries every night - regardless of their use during the day. It's especially important to fully-charge your power wheelchair before first-use. If you don't recharge the batteries regularly, it will reduce their ability to hold power.

Our Built-4-Me personalization team can help to provide adaptations that go above and beyond the standard options that are generally available to order. They'll make every effort to provide you with a safe, reliable solution that matches your needs.

Your user instruction manual will provide information on how to adjust the driving profile. However, any reprogramming of the control unit must be carried out by an authorised Sunrise Medical dealership. Improper programming of the control unit can jeopardise safety whilst driving.

The charge indicator that's built into the charger should notify you. However you should always consult your user manual for the exact instructions for your power wheelchair model.

Battery life depends on many factors such as user weight, temperature, use of electronic options, terrain and battery charge status. Battery life that's indicated in your user manual and other documentation is a theoretical maximum values (as according to ISO 7176 standards) and will always be affected by the situation the power wheelchair is used in.

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What makes the right powered wheelchair is very personal. It’s all about YOU, the person using the chair, and your requirements. This is reflected in our YOU-Q brand – and our highly modular designs. Every member of the YOU-Q wheelchair family has their own character and looks. And is designed to enhance your mobility, and empower you to lead an independent life. Meet them all, and find your perfect match!
A perfect match for YOU
Real do-it-all power chair Alex offers unprecedented outdoor driving comfort with its ‘VIA’ suspension system. Looking for a beautifully simple, exceptionally reliable and highly manoeuvrable chair? Then Luca is it for you – available in in rear-wheel, front-wheel and mid-wheel drive. And choose our mid-wheeler Samm if intuitive and comfortable driving are the key qualities you’re looking for.