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Elevate and drive your Q-Series powerchair at walking speed (4.5 kph) with the comfort of full suspension.

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Your powerchair is designed to support you. Not define you.

Unfortunately life isn't designed around powerchair seat height. Everything is out of reach. You always have to look up to others. It's easy to get lost in the crowd. And driving your powerchair elevated is just that step slower than everyone else.

That's why we've introduced C-ME. An empowering new feature for Q-Series powerchairs that allows you to safely elevate up to 300 mm and drive up to 4.5 kph all at the same time! Now you can keep up with your friends at eye-level and at walking speed. Safely reach those heights that were previously out of grasp. And always be seen instead of being overlooked.

Experience a new level of freedom and independence with C-Me. Available on the following Q-Series powerchairs: Check model availability

C-Me for QUICKIE Q-Series Powerchairs

Social Benefits

Don't get lost in the crowd.

C-Me provides a different way to socially interact in your daily life. By driving at walking speed whilst elevated, you can now keep up with friends and family at their pace (and at the same level) without the frustration of falling behind. Rise up and keep within earshot of the conversation. Be at eye-level with your peers at work without straining to look up. Or simply chat shoulder-to-shoulder with friends at the bar. C-Me removes those social barriers and ensures that you're never lost in the crowd again.

Lifestyle Benefits

Reach new heights.

Fed up of straining for everyday items that are physically out of reach? Whether it's cookery ingredients from the top of the pantry or the last item on the shelf at the supermarket, C-Me empowers you to perform those everyday tasks safely and without assistance when elevated. Plus, imagine the time that you'll save by not having to dis-engage your seat lift afterwards? Now you can live life at your own pace.

Reach new heights.


C-Me looks out for you too.

Off out? From a packed concert to crossing a busy road, C-Me ensures that you're kept head and shoulders above the crowd. Not only can you see, but you can be seen too. Plus, the suspension on your powerchair remains active even when you're elevated. So you get the same smooth and stable ride regardless of seat level. 

That extra stability really helps with transfers too. Match your seat elevation to the height of your car seat for example, and it's just so much more easier to transfer across. It's independence that's just a button press away.

C-Me looks out for you too.

Easy to Use

Lift or descend even when driving.

Fed up of complex joystick movements or having to stop to use your seat lift? With QUICKIE's patented assignable buttons*, just assign C-Me to any button as a first or second, long-press function and you can lift or descend in one simple action. It's so easy you can do it even when driving!

* Available with the R-Net Advanced Joystick

Try it for yourself!

Lift or descend even when driving.


Drive 4.5 kph and elevated with C-ME

C-ME is all about seeing you, and just you. Elevate up to 300 mm whilst travelling 4.5 kph and move shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone around you. Plus, the suspension on your powerchair remains active even when you're elevated. So you get the same smooth and stable ride regardless of seat level. You can even lift or descend at the touch of a button with no need to stop while transitioning either! 

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Drive 4.5 kph and elevated with C-ME