Puma 40 Powered Wheelchair

A perfect blend of functionality, comfort and design.

You expect your high performance powered wheelchair to take you wherever you want to go - smoothly and comfortably. And offer you all the advanced functions you need for maximum independence indoors and out. However, we also appreciate you want a stylish look that fits your lifestyle. It's all reflected in our award-winning Puma 40 power chair, available in rear- and front-wheel drive!

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QUICKIE Puma 40 powered wheelchair

Crash Test Approved
This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

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QUICKIE Puma 40 Powered Wheelchair - Functionality, comfort and design
QUICKIE Puma 40 rear-wheel drive power wheelchair (full options)
QUICKIE Puma 40 rear-wheel drive power wheelchair (anthracite)



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