Gemino 30 SpeedcontrolLightweight Rollator

The rollator innovation. Maximum security when walking.

Rollator with innovative dynamic braking system for maximum security and a smooth gait.

Are you looking for a rollator that offers maximum security when walking? Then the Gemino 30 SpeedControl with its innovative dynamic braking system is just what you need. When you start to accelerate, the brakes in the rear wheels will automatically come into action. And when walking at low speed or up slopes, there’s no noticeable resistance. You’ll feel completely secure and enjoy a smooth gait and better, upright position. Also great for gait training. 

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Rollator Gemino 30 SpeedControl
SpeedControl braking system for maximum security

SpeedControl braking system for maximum security

The innovative SpeedControl braking system features 3-level braking and can be easily adjusted to your specific needs. When you start to accelerate, the centrifugal brakes in the rear wheels will automatically come into action, ensuring an upright posture and smooth gait. SpeedControl promotes a steady pace, ensures that you walk closer to the rollator and prevents the rollator from ‘running away’ from you. This also helps prevent falls.

Great aid for gait training

Great aid for gait training

It’s the Gemino 30 SpeedControl's unique ability to smooth out your gait through offering controlled resistance that also makes it a great training partner if you need to learn to walk again. You can concentrate fully on the sequence of movements, while your rollator promotes an upright posture and a steady pace. And use the different braking levels for adjusting the rollator to the progress you are making in your rehabilitation.

Also a perfect companion for children

Also a perfect companion for children

The Gemino 30 S SpeedControl, the smallest model, is also a great walking aid for children, allowing them to discover the world in total safety. Going to the playground with their siblings? Or rather having an ice cream with friends? The dynamic braking system makes gait training fun!

100% Gemino rollator

100% Gemino rollator

The Gemino 30 SpeedControl comes in 3 frame sizes (30, 30M and 30S) and combines great therapeutic benefits with all the benefits of our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator. 100% comfort, safety and design. With a wide choice of attractive accessories for easy personalization.

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Width:60 cm (30, 30M); 55 cm (30S)
Height:78 - 100 cm (30); 69 - 88 cm (30M); 65 - 77 cm (30S)
Length:65 cm (30, 30M); 68 cm (30S)
Folded Height:80 cm (30); 76 cm (30M); 69 cm (30S)
Folded Length:65 cm (30, 30M); 68 cm (30S)
Folded Width:23 cm
Seat Height:62 cm (30); 55 cm (30M); 48 cm (30S)
Turning Radius:84 cm
Width Between Push Handles:47 cm (30, 30M); 42 cm (30S)
Rear Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm
Front Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm
User Height:150 - 200 cm (30); 135 - 170 cm (30M); 125 - 165 cm (30S)
Maximum User Weight:100 kg
Total Weight:8.7 kg (30); 8.6 kg (30M); 8.2 kg (30S)
Maximum Load Capacity in Basket:5 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.