Empulse Attitude ManualPull Device

The ideal hand bike for improving your strength, stamina and cardio through recreational cycling.

The hand bike for improving strength, stamina and cardio through cycling.

The Attitude Manual wheelchair hand bike is ideal for those looking to improve their strength and overall stamina through recreational cycling. 20“ front wheels and the 30 speed gearing provide an exceptional driving performance which is perfect for all terrains, and the powerful disk brake allows a smooth speed control. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, the Attitude Manual hand bike is the perfect complement to your active lightweight wheelchair.

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Empulse Attitude Manual Hand Bike
Set your ideal crank position

Set your ideal crank position

The new depth and angle adjustment of the Empulse Attitude Manual handbike ensures an ergonomic crank position. This is important for an energy efficient driving experience and gives you the freedom to cycle even longer distances.

Ride in style

Ride in style

There’s a change in attitude with add-on hand bikes - pure style in every turn. The crank and the chain protection can be chosen in different colours. Pick your favourite!

The wheelchair hand bike that's ready to go in 6 seconds!

The wheelchair hand bike that's ready to go in 6 seconds!

The docking mechanism on the Attitude Manual hand bike is so simple, its ingenious 4-point docking system locks securely to the front of your wheelchair in seconds, and it's removable just as quick! Plus there's no need for parts or wiring to be cluttering around your knees so nothing comes between you and the comfort you've come to expect from your wheelchair.

Just take a look at the video and see how easy it is!

Exceptional driving performance for all terrains.

Exceptional driving performance for all terrains.

With 30 speed gears to choose from, your Attitude Manual hand bike will easily adapt to the changing terrain. Plus the disc brake helps to smoothly control your changing speed by dissipating heat better than traditional brakes. 

Effortless gear changing.

Effortless gear changing.

As you'll be travelling faster we've ensured you're able to change gear just as fast too! The easy one-hand operation of the grip shift will ensure you're able to change gears to easily match the changing terrain.

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Width:26 – 46 cm
Crank Length:170 mm
V-Crank Width:470 mm (47 cm)
Front Wheel Size:20“
Max. Range:N/A
Gearing Shifters:Trigger / Grip shift
Gearing Speeds:30 (8 with gear hub)
Brake:Disc (180 mm)
Maximum User Weight:100 kg
Total Weight:14.5 kg
Weight of Parts on Wheelchair:170 g

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.