Sunrise Medical’s JAY® Fusion® (Balance ®) Cushion with Cryo® Technology wins a HME Business 2020 New Product Award

HME Business, the top business management media resource for HME professionals in the US, announced the winners of its 2020 New Product Awards competition. The award honors outstanding product development achievements by HME manufacturers and service providers

 “We enjoyed a terrific competition this year, with lots of different products for lots of different categories,” HME Business Publisher and Executive Editor David Kopf remarked. “Best of all, we started to see some new names added to the mix, which proves that HME continues to be a vibrant, growing marketplace with lots of different solutions for in-home healthcare.

Sunrise Medical won in the “Seating and Positioning” category with its JAY® Fusion® Cushion with Cryo® Technology.

This is Cryo’s second award this year, as it just won the 2020 Mobility Management Product Award for Seat Cushions, skin protection, adjustable (E2622-2623) in August.

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