RGK was founded in 1988 and today is the industry’s global leader in the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of high end, fully tailor made, court-sports and basketball wheelchairs. RGK offers also a very comprehensive range of high end daily use manual wheelchairs. For further information please visit them at www.rgklife.com.

The acquisition of RGK, in conjunction with Sunrise Medical's own sports product range, is considered to be a move that supports Sunrise's leadership in the high end sports product segment. The attractive and innovative RGK daily chair lines add an additional facet and choice to Sunrise's own, market leading Quickie and Sopur premium active wheelchair product brands.

This acquisition, according to Sunrise Medical officials, is part of a mid-long term strategy the Corporation is executing upon. Sunrise Medical's high performance product lines form the basis for connecting the various active wheelchair and sports product user groups in their social media communities, via Sunrise's significant social media presence. With RGK now on board, Sunrise Medical, again, confirms their strong commitment to and focus on the end user's needs and aspirations.